Section 1:  Volunteers


Volunteers are updated thoughout the year, as changes occur.

Board of Directors


​President: Beverly (Worthington) Silsbee (’65) (2019)


Vice President (and Webmaster)

 Charlene (Brax) Ospital

(’65) (2019)

Secretary:  Dawn Vincent 

(’79) (2018)

Treasurer: Nancy Bennett Larr

('65) (2017)

Parliamentarian: Hal Hunt 

('63) (2018)


Members at Large


Chuck Baldwin ('57) (2018)


Patsy (McMullin) Brierley (’60) (2017)

David Bustamante  (’72) (2018)

Carrie (Anthony) Colby  (’65) (2018)


Linda (Jeffe) Thompson ('60) (2017)

George Sirovy ('65) (2019)



Board Committees


Charlene (Brax) Ospital, Chair

Patsy Brierley

Susie (Worthington) Bartlett

Chuck Baldwin, Chair

Nancy Larr

Dave Bustamante

Carrie (Anthony) Colby

Nancy (Bennett) Larr

Charlene (Brax) Ospital

Beverly (Worthington) Silsbee

Valerie (O'Donnell) Records

Dawn Vincent




Patsy (McMullin) Brierley

Carrie (Anthony) Colby

Hal Hunt

Nancy (Bennett) Larr

Charlene (Brax) Ospital

Valerie ( O'Donnell) Records

Beverly (Worthington) Silsbee

Give Back Project Committees

David Bustamante,  Chair

Chuck Baldwin
Patsy (McMullin) Brierley

Carol Gilbert

Sonia Maldonado

Vincent Migliazzo

Charlene (Brax) Ospital

   Jasmin Pivaral

Valerie (O'Donnell) Records

Marla (Illingworth) Schroeder

Dawn Vincent

Teacher Grants
Beverly (Worthington) Silsbee, Co-Chair

Charlene (Brax) Osptial, Co-Chair




Spring Fundraising Campaign

Charlene (Brax) Ospital and Beverly (Worthington) Silsbee, Campaign  Co-Chairs


Carrie (Anthony) Colby

Susie (Worthington) Bartlett
Patsy (McMullin) Brierley

Nancy (Bennett) Larr

Valerie (O'Donnell) Records
Linda (Jeffe) Thompson

Dawn Vincent

Support Services and Ad Hoc Committees 

​Website Coordination

Charlene (Brax) Ospital '65, Chair

Nancy (Bennett) Larr '65

Beverly (Worthington) Silsbee '65

Email Coordination
Valerie (O'Donnell) Records '65

Photography and Brochure
Judy  (Wood) Bains '57



Susan (Worthington) Bartlett '60


Class Representatives (by Year)      
Judy (Wood) Bains ’57  
Hedy (Davis) Kirsch ’58
Dave Brown ’59
Patsy (McMullin) Brierley ’60
Marla (Illingworth) Schroeder ’62

Tracy Lenoker '63
Cathy (McMullin) Clement ’64
Nancy (Bennett) Larr ’65
Pam (Berman) Cary ’70
Dave Bustamante ’72

Section 2:  Donations
July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016


Donations are acknowledged annually, at the end of our fiscal  year.

Donations listed below do not include Event Fees.  Please go to the Actives Members page for a listing of members contributing dues.


It is important to us that we acknowledge your gift properly.  Every effort has been made to ensure completeness and accuracy of this listing.  Please let us know of any omissions or errors in listing your name or gift by sending us an email by clicking on the Contact Us page.



$1,000 to $4,999

Patsy (McMullin) Brierley  ’60

David Bustamante '72

Carol Gilbert  ’65

Michael '57 and Linda Richer '59  Jacobs

F. Martin and Dorothy A, Johnson Family Fund '58'

Nancy (Bennett) Larr '65

Elizabeth Lee (Atkinson) ’68

Tracy Lenocker '63  (W. A. Tracy Foundation) 

Mike Madden '65

Janet  (Simundza) Rayment ’65

Valerie O'Donnell Records '65

Beverly (Worthington) Silsbee '65

Geroge Sirovy '65

Dawn Vincent '79

Howard Wallace  ’65


$500 to $999

$300 to $499

Bobbi Newman '62

Phillip Smith '63

Diane (Wallace) Wolf '60

Paul '65 and Linda '64 Addison

Denny Berryhill '65

Larry Fox '65


Betty Jean (Adams) Anderson  ’57

Judy (Wood) Bains '57

Charlene (Brax) Opsital '65

 Marlyn (Talley) Franklin '58


Kara  Jacobs '65

Michael McAffee '61

Linda Thompson '60

Judy (Charles) Walker '65

Up to $299

Geri (Schreier) Alpert '60

Rob Attridge '64

Chuck Baldwin '57

Susan (Wothington) Bartlett '60

Judy (Gardener) Bigelow  ’65

Ralph Brax  ’62

Marilee Carr '65

Phyllis Charles '65

Cathy McMullin Clement '64

Ron Earnest  ’57

Pam (Tweedy) Elster  ’65

Dina (McMullin) Ferguson  ’69

Roxie  (Coats) Fitzgerald ’65

Rodney Fivelstad  ’65

Sterling Franklin Former Faculty '51 -'57

Jerry Gast '63

Don Goldman '65

Judy (Hayes) Gould  ’65

 Joe Herzog '59

Ruth (Hawthorne) Holzhauer '65

Bonnie Hoy '69

Hal Hunt '63

Hedy (Davis) Kirsch '58

Alan Lansover '54 

Larry Lawrence ' 54 (and formerly faculty)

Ian '57 and Marilyn '58 MacLeod

Sheila Michelson 

Linda Moats '58

Jerry Muzzy '57

Norman Newman '61



John Ospital

Sharon (Wallace) Parson  ’65

Rick Pfeiffer '65

David Pierce '54

Jasmine Pivaral "04

Michael Records '64

Diane Rittenberg '65

Gail Illingworth Ruhen '57

Beverly Sanford

Reid Scheidemantel '64

Marla (Illingworth) Schroeder '62

Doris Silsbee

Sharon (Dean) Skaff ’57

Nadine (Gosey)  Smith '72

Melodie (Hunt) Solis '65

Constance (Nelson) Striff '67

Bonnie (Wood) Webb '65

Dave White '65

Mary (Atkinson) Wilson  ’65

Paul Wood '60

Jim Young '57